So, where do you want to be? At some magical point in the future you have created exactly the life you would love to live. It’s wonderful. Your utopia.

Does that seem a little unrealistic to you? A pipe dream? Like winning the lottery?

Well, one thing for sure is that you’re never going to get there if you don’t make a plan. If  I  asked you to make a plan right now, what would you do? I’m probably not a million miles away by suggesting that you’d start with a list. A nice list of things you need to do to get there.

Great. A plan is in the making. Now maybe prioritise that list. What do you need to do first? Great, do that. Easy right. No stopping you now until you’re sipping cocktails on Bali beach…

Well, maybe not. Life is just not that simple right? Well, true, life is’nt simple and you’re certainly not going to get anything you haven’t worked for it but If you can think back to something you have achieved in the past. Something you are proud of.

I’m gonna suggest that the road you took to get that achievement was more like a maze than a straight road. Full of random coincidences and a little bit of luck. A hotpotch of a journey, some you planned, some you didn’t but ultimately you got there. You did it.

Now, let’s just imagine that wonderful future place, all is as should be in your world. That utopia. Keep it in mind and think. I am going to be there and what do i feel like doing right now that might bring that place just a tiny step closer.

With the understanding that the choice you make is he next small choice you go about moving closer to your goal without the stress or question about whether you are moving toward you goal or not. The path may be a winding one but if you make each choice as you go, you’ll know that you are getting closer to the place you truly want to be.