In collaboration with Seekers Create we worked with University of Portsmouth to creatively enable their research as part of a larger programme by the Natural Environment Research Council to make Environmental Science more accessible, diverse and inclusive.

About the project

This project seeks to address the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in environmental science at university level.

We enabled the co-creation of knowledge with the Portsmouth Bangladeshi community to enable the development of effective measures for improving equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in environmental science, specifically within higher-education (HE).

Through participatory and creative methods we co-create solutions through knowledge and approaches that support the participation of Bangladeshi heritage students in environmental science.

Environmental Jam for Bangladeshi students

The one day Environmental Jam took place in Portsmouth on Saturday 21 May 2022.

The event was aimed at students of Bangladeshi heritage, aged 13–18, who are studying at schools and colleges in Portsmouth. Our research team will deliver talks at local schools to introduce the project.

Our activities included an interactive environmentally themed walkshop that included a virtual scavenger hunt, quiz and a community mural.

The then collaborative created and environmentally themed piece of art.

Our collaboration enabled the researchers to conduct their focus groups in a creative way that greatly enhanced the engagement in the theme and the project.

Co-creating the project

We held a 2 hour interactive workshop that helped shape the content and theme of the Environmental Jam.

We collaborated with the UoP team to ensure their content was driving the session and enabled a collective vision board as a vehicle for deeper conversations and an expressive form of feedback.

We also created the artwork and posters for promotion of the project and created journals for the participnats to encourge them on a creative journey.

You can find out full details of the project here

Walkshop 🙂

Collective Art Piece