Good morning,

I saw this earlier today, which I think underlines exactly how important your mental health is. You can’t always control the bad stuff but you can make sure you put in the good stuff. x

‘Broken heart syndrome is a temporary heart condition that’s often brought on by stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one. People with broken heart syndrome may have sudden chest pain or think they’re having a heart attack.’

Your experience and thoughts directly affect your physical health. It’s not some mystical thought but a scientific fact.

If you use a knife, you practice, with a sharp knife you’re very careful. Your preparation takes into account that you might cut yourself. If you think of your mind in the same way. Your life experiences are the equivalent of using the knife.

I suggest it would make sense to prepare your mind, to avoid cutting yourself. If you practiced using the knife, it’s far less likely you will cut yourself and your mind is the same.

Become a knife using master, know you will never cut yourself and you can take on life with more courage as you know what you need to know.

From time to time you might still get a nick, but even then, you can prepare, like having a plaster.

I encourage you to work on your mind in this way, it’s a skill, just like riding a bike. The more you do the better you get. Go no-handed. Stand on the seat!

Being brave is easy when you’re not afraid of the outcome.

A simple action is to do more Good Company and if you really need help, just ask. Find the person with the skill you need. It’s as easy as asking a good friend for a little help.

I trust your day will be awesome, take care of yourself,



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