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No hard sell. No enormous landing page.

Just a minute of your time.

It’s a MIND GYM > Developing and Maintaining and a healthy mind.

You do not need to perceive yourself as having poor mental health to visit this gym.

We all have relative mental fitness and we can all improve. Just like a physical gym, the Good Company Mind Gym helps to sharpen up.

It’s that simple. Your behaviour is under your control.

You are a product of your past, environment and what you consume.

This is obvious.

When you eat shit food and don’t exercise you become physically unfit but many people just ignore this fact when it comes to their mind.

This pandemic has forced many people to face this issue with little knowledge of how they might maintain and develop a healthier mind.

Your healthier mind will lead to a happier life.

What exactly happens in the MIND GYM?

Mind Gym Fundamentals

Consistent practice. All the knowledge you need.

I’ll be teaching behaviour change, resilience, understanding yourself, engaging with others for your own success, along with other tools I have delivered over the past 20 years.

Delivered each Monday a short video with worksheets. Over the six weeks you learn how to control and understand your habitual behaviour.

Mind Gym Evolution

Looking into yourself. understanding and overcoming your metal blocks

Each Monday at 3pm UK time I present a live lesson of this work. We have six sessions each with exercises that you complete throughout the week.

Friday Feedback and Celebration

Each Friday for the six weeks we come together as a group to support and celebrate our progress.

Who is the GYM for?

  • If you have felt that there’s a path that you haven’t followed and feel it might be too late.
  • If you’re in a job that fill you with no joy and you find yourself living for the time you are away from your job.
  • If your work is creating you stress which is impacting your home life.
  • If you would like to feel more control of your life.
  • You would like a deeper connection to those in your life, including your closest family.
  • You struggle with self doubt.
  • You tried to change in the past but haven’t been able to stay consistent.
  • You would like a non-judgemental community that listens and helps you grow.

Sound Good?

Here is what some Mind Gym Users have already experienced:

If you like the idea of a GYM for your MIND register and I’ll keep you in the loop.

I have a live event at 7pm, 1st April on Zoom. Further deatils are in my Good Company Group.

Once you register you will be taken to the group to join if you’ve not already.

Join Now

Mind Gym – Evolution


In this program we cover the fundamentals plus we go further with a six week live course that helps you remove your barriers to success.

What’s in the programme?

Membership for the next 6 weeks, including:

  • 6 x live Zoom training sessions, every Monday at 3pm GMT starting 5th April
  • 6 Live Zoom Q&A and accountability sessions, every Friday at 3pm GMT.
  • Worksheets to support your learning

Also included:

  • 1 x 45 minute one-to-one coaching session with me
  • Access to Mind Gym Fundamentals
  • Access to the private Mind Gym Facebook Group Community
    • All training, accountability sessions and worksheets will be uploaded this group
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