Just Good Company

Nice to meet you. I’m Steve.

For 23 years I spent my time in the UK charity sector, my last role prior to Good Company, which I established in 2019, was CEO of London Southbank Students’ Union, a 1.3 Million turnover chairity.

In the last three years Good Company has evolved into a creative hybrid working in community engagment, research, education, arts, heritage, consultation, young people development, business, chairities, space, digital, marketing, fundraising, entertainments, tourism and schools. You could say we’re quite flexible!

We engage with our clients content and help them engage their communities creativity and artistically, mixing business skills with creativity to enable more connected communites and organisations.

Our goal is simple – to empower as many organisations and individuals as possible to create the lives they want, impact their community and have fun on the journey – person by person – connection by connection.

No two projects are the same and we can assist from strategic management through to project delivery.

We also run our own projects and love collaborating with a talented group of local organisations and individuals – If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you.

We believe that collaboration is essential to success and we collaborate closley with Clair Martin, founder of Seekers Create CIC, an extermely talented artist and creative engagement specialist.

You can find out more about Seekers Create at www.seekerscreate.com,

I also collaborate with Clarke Reynolds, the Blind Braille Artist.

Clarke is an accomplished artist and campaigns for more awareness of the issues faced by those with vision impairment. He’s also my partner in crime for our Art In Sight Podcast

To find out more about Clarke you can visit his website here


As an artisitc trio we are the Three Wise Monkeys and have created many community art projects together.

I’m the current Chair of Southsea Green Community Garden and, last but not least, I’m an artist 🙂

Have a great day


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    Steve Baker