Just Good Company

Nice to meet you. I’m Steve. The more visible part of Good Company. The full team is a collaboration between Sharon, my co-creator and wife, and Ana Luisa Doria Meunier

For 23 years I spent my time in the UK chairty sector, my last role was CEO of a 1.3 Million turnover chairity.

On this journey I faced and overcame many organisational problems which were nearly always connected to people problems. From the most junior staff to trustee board level.

I also learned that you can always find another way to achieve you goals regardless of resources, including money. The strategies and tools I use are particluar useful for organisations that are driven by passion – therefore very well suited to social enterprises, charities and small businesses.

I love to work one to one but equally happy working with teams, where I develop people to fully realise their potential. I do this by enabling them to understand and overcome their barriers and blockages to their success.

At Good Company our goal is simple – to empower as many organisations and individuals as possible to create the life they want and have fun on the journey – it’s our way to gently change the world we live in – person by person – connection by connection.

I’m also an artist, as are all the team. Every genius in history was also an artist in some way, which I believe underlines the power in art-making. It’s far more that colours on a page.

Our free challenge is a good start to understand this perspctive.

Have a great day.


Steve Baker