Just Good Company

Nice to meet you. I’m Steve.

I develop people and organisations to fully realise their potential. I do this by enabling them to understand and overcome their barriers and blockages to their success.

I’ve spent the last 20 years in the UK charity sector where I have grown my last charity to 1.3 Million turnover, enabled multiple talented people to reach CEO level and trained 100’s, of staff and volunteers to reach their potential.

When it comes to resources in any organisation, I understand that people are by far the most important. Misunderstandings and misaligned objectives can create organisational conflict which can severely hamper progress.

My goal is simple – to empower organisations and individuals to excel and drive measurable results through developing the right ‘behaviours for success’.

On a personal note, I love to keep fit and use my own program to stay fit and focused. I’m never happier than when I see someone I have helped truly achieve unless it’s when I get my 5k personal best!

Steve Baker